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Press Release.

Cosmic country rocker BEN MASTWYK set to release fourth studio album "Let Me At The Night"

Off the back of his celebrated album, Livin on Gold Street, Ben Mastwyk has reunited with producer Michael Hubbard at the Shrimp Shack to continue pushing the boundaries of his psych-country-rock. After forging this sound on previous albums, all bets were off leaving the horizon wide open for exploring what country music could be. The resulting fourth album, Let Me At The Night is a veritable beast of genre-bending, synth-laden, guitarmony-driven, cosmic country music. Mastwyk explains, “we knew it was time to really push the boundaries. We’d discovered our DNA on previous records so went into the studio knowing we could really go large. I knew it was gonna be a concept album of sorts. It’s starts off in the barroom and ends up in outer space. From high-octane hillbilly to full blown space-country! Sonically I knew synths were on the menu. And it was gonna be largely uptempo… a party record. Dwight Yoakam meets Bootsy Collins. Intergalactic country funk. We took a lot of risks in the studio, followed our instincts, knowing that we wanted to create something fun but with depth… country but extra.” 


Let Me At The Night is set for release in 2024

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